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Liquid explosive detector


Liquid explosives have captured the world’s attention ever since the terrorists attempted to explode the aircraft heading to the U.S. from Heathrow Airport in London, UK. Although the attempt was not successful, liquid explosive is significantly dangerous issue which should be solved in order to prevent terrorism. The liquid explosives are easy to buy, produce, and are easily disguised as drinks. Indeed, there are many cases of liquid explosives/ inflammable liquids that caused serious accidents such as Daegu subway arson accident caused by ‘thinner’ and resulted in severe casualties and property damages and another arson accident of National Treasure No.1, Sungnyemu. As a result, INTEC Telecom has developed the liquid explosive detector in order to fight the newly-occurring forms of terrorism.


제품의 개요

MEGA SCAN, which is made as a portable detector for liquid explosives and metals, is a follow-up model for SWEN R-2.This new model has been equipped with additional metal-detecting function, so that the user does not have to carry both metal detector and liquid explosive detector together. Also, it reduces the time required for scanning, conveys the result quickly with its appropriate weight balance and ergonomic design, and minimizes the stress on the wrist.

제품의 특징

Portable design
maximized portability with its light weight, 555g (including the chargeable battery).
Easy to operate
is very accessible for everyone as it simply requires easy button controls.
Accurate and fast scanning
liquid detection is done in 2 seconds; it enables real-time metal detection.
Immediate result display
It is easy for the user to check the result through alert, vibration, and O/X indication on the LCD monitor.
Liquid/Metal detection
both liquid and metal can be detected simultaneously, meaning that the user does not have to carry both detectors at the same time.
No external power needed
external power is unnecessary as detachable battery is equipped.


MEGA SCAN advertisement clips

Experiments for detection of water and thinner

When the water and thinner are filled in the same container, it is not distinguishable unless the container is opened despite of its risk. In such case, MEGA SCAN find out its dangerousness in 2 seconds only by contacting its body to the container without opening the container

Experiments of scanning mixed liquid

MEGA SCAN distinguishes nonflammable and inflammable liquid accurately even when the liquid is mixed together.



MEGA SCAN injects micro wave onto the target liquid, and the analyzes the reflected waves in order to figure out the dangerousness of the target liquid

제품의 제원

MEGA SCAN specifications
  Size (mm)   70 x 453 x 55
  Weight (gram)   555
  Power   Rechargeable battery
  Main Function   Liquid explosive detection/ Metal   detection
  Time required   Less than 2 seconds



제품의 개요

SWEN R-2, which is the first liquid explosive detector developed based purely on domestic technology, was used as security/anti-terrorism devices in 2008 Beijing Olympic games. This was introduced through Chinese public broadcasting system, CCTV and Beijing Youth Daily.

SWEN R-2제원

SWEN R-2 specifications
  Size (mm)   66 x 400 x 33
  Weight (gram)   540
  Power   Rechargeable battery
  Main Function   Liquid explosives detection
  Time Required   Approximately 5 seconds

NLJD 초소형은닉탐지기


We are living in a faster and safer century along with high technology, but, also there are many critical possibilities to leak out the personal and company or even country’s high leveled secret information by micro sized wiretap and spy cameras. – it can even threatens the existence of the company and the country.

For this reason, INTECH Telecom has developed the ARGOS (NLJD) which can prevent the leakage of secret information


ARGOS (NLJD), developed by INTECH Telecom, can detect the device like spy camera, and wiretap inside the bag, behind the walls, and between the obstructions regardless of the device’s ON/OFF status.

보안카메라 포지셔닝 시스템 카메라


- Developing with own technology
- Can detect location and type of cable failure by echo back analyzing



Resolution 24 bit
Response Frequency 300Hz to 7KHz(NR)
Noise Attenuation -12db db (less than)
THD 1% (less than)
Power dissipation 30mA (less than)
Operating temperature -40 ~ 85℃