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탐지간 추적 알고리즘

TWS (Track While Scan) is an algorism that derives useful information (Estimation, prediction data) by using the targeted information that is already done with the radar signal process.

Algorism: Kalman Filter
Max Track: 1~3
Scan speed: slow, fast, max, etc.

노변레이더 신호처리기

Real-time detection of the obstacles on the roadway and the development of the radar signal processor for collision warning.
  • -Rader signal processing H/W development
    -Radar data collection and transmitter-receiver control
    -Signal processing algorism and GUI S/W

레이더 표적 발생기

It generates the signal at Radar RF backside, and then inspects radar signal processer and the controller.
1. Types of targets
(1) fixed target : 3750m fixed
(2) moving targets: same velocity

2. Range
(1) Fixed Target : 3750m ± 100 m
(2) Moving Target : 160 ~ 80,000 m

3. Pulse length

(1) Normal : 0.2㎲ ± 10%
(2) Extended : 2.0㎲ ± 10%

4. Velocity

(1) -1500m/s ~ +1500 m/s
(2) Moving target has the same velocity.

5. Doppler
: 0 ~ 1500m/s

6. Acceleration
: -99 m/s ~ +99 m/s

AESA 레이더 지상통합 시뮬레이터

-It is a device for performance test of each management mode of test target radar at the laboratory and outdoor environment. -Receiving the transmitted signal of test target radar, copy scenario of the target signal, various jammer signal copy, re-transmission of the target signal radar, and transporting system.


자율적인 위협탐지 및 분류 연구

In charge of decision of the threat inspection, categorization, and response method by generating radar and virtual aircraft data in warfare situation. .


다대역 다기능 무전기 제어모듈

SDR set of upper conversion-combined body, controller part among the tactic SDR multi-band & multi-function radio-sets that are part of equipment components of battle radio net in TICN system.

  • - Upper control/
    - Lower control/
    - Frequency control

대용량 무선전송장치 제어부(HCTR)

Main transmission device controller, which is to transfer the high-speed data in the communication network.